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Starting year

Posted by: on September 14, 2016

Summer Conferences

It is summer in Oxford. This means that most undergraduate students are gone, the colleges are more quiet except for the tourists and conference participants roaming around. It is also the time for us DPhil students to go to conferences. There are several big conferences and depending on the subject we focus on, they happen […]

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Posted by: on June 22, 2015

On interdisciplinarity, your advertising scepticism, and children’s picture books

Needless to say that given the morally dubious status of the business realm, the prejudice seeps through to the business school’s academic denizens and their research activities. But I suspect only a small percentage of my colleagues would agree the bulk of their work can be described as narrowly as ‘how to make more money.’ […]

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Posted by: on February 22, 2015

On doctoral colloquia

One year ago, my colleague and fellow blogger Guillermo Casanovas detailed the proceedings of 2014’s Spring Doctoral Conference with revealing insight. This year’s doctoral research event, held on February 12, differed in little but name—the Winter Doctoral Conference was as much a success and revelation as its predecessor. Our brothers and sisters in arms presented […]

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Posted by: on June 13, 2014


Summertime (if you want to hear Norah Jones’ version of Summertime while reading this, please click here) We can now find tasty and cheap strawberries in the supermarket, which is the best sign summer has arrived in Oxford. The long days – we have daylight until 10pm – and good weather – averaging 21 C […]

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Posted by: on April 29, 2014

Spring Doctoral Conference

A few weeks ago, Saïd Business School hosted its fourth annual Doctoral Conference. This conference aims to showcase and celebrate the work of our DPhil community and to facilitate the exchange of ideas between students and faculty members. Organised by Prof Thomas Noe (Director of the DPhil Programme), Dr Felix Reed-Tsochas (Associate Dean of Research), […]

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